The Genetic 1%


  1. Grant I enjoyed your Blog it gives pause for thought. I have never observed apes however I have observe several other animal species and I believe their capacity for abstract thought and their general intelligence level are supremely underrated. I think dolphins may be the smartest I base this mostly on the fact they will not communicate with us as they feel we are lower intelligence and ill mannered. The DNA difference is often quoted however most of chain is devoted to the basic cell to be very different the life form would have to have a different base. As humans we are to locked in to our “truth” this allows us to conveniently block out reason when it will force us to change. Even just to understand the theory of relativity we must release everything. It is a much farther step to heaven. In order to be an Atheist one must total suspend belief in natural laws it is much simpler to believe in Intelligent Design.

    1. We certainly do give animals much less credit then they deserve because we are judging them on human standards and this is important. We give ourselves much more credit than we deserve.

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