In My Father’s Footsteps


  1. Well, Grant. You’re certainly right about how our dad felt about his youngest son. You were pretty darned precious to him and he didn’t hesitate to say so. I well remember the Galiano trips too. I think they’re the best childhood memories I have.

  2. Hi Grant,

    I think I found this link on Liam’s Facebook page (did a bit of FB wandering through friends of friends!). He’s married now…wow, I always think of him being 7! I will always remember your kids being little, even though Shayla’s a mom now!

    Anyhow, I really loved reading this post. You’ve got a great way with words, and it made me miss my dad a lot. He died when I was 36, and six years later mom joined him. Dad and I didn’t always see eye to eye, but I know he loved me and was very proud of me. The memories of arguments have faded and are replaced with memories of things that make my heart swell with gratitude for the good man, husband, father, grandfather, and friend he was. Your writing really brought up a lot of emotions of missing him and being grateful for the man he was.

    I have many wonderful memories of Delta ward – and having Liam in my primary class! – and am grateful for social media for allowing me to sneak a peek once in a while and see how old friends are doing.

    Wishing you and family all the best, always!

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